November 2023 Thanksgiving Outreach

Thanksgiving 2023 Outreach

Another successful community outreach took place in advance of Thanksgiving week on November 18th, 2023. The Heaven Sent team gathered to serve sweet ham and turkey along with all of the Thanksgiving sides, desserts and snacks. It was truly a blessing to serve and bless so many members of our community with a hot meal and other resources to make their life a bit brighter. Alongside a warm meal, we were able to provide our friends experiencing homelessness with new duffle bags, blankets, clothes, shoes, socks and bibles. We are thankful for all who participate, donate, gather, and pray with us. We will continue these efforts again next month with outreach taking place on Saturday, December 23rd, 2023.


Here are some testimonies from Heaven Sent members speaking on this outreach:

“I enjoyed serving and being a part of giving what God gave to us to do out of love.” – Dawnie

“The best part was watching two or three others from the group we serve helping out. Two men taking trash throughout the whole time, a woman helping pass out items and trying to see that everyone got something they needed and an elderly woman sharing and encouraging others. It’s amazing to watch the body of Christ in action.” – Karen

“As I was walking around I noticed a gentleman sitting on the curb. He was eating alone and for some reason God brought me to him. I kneeled down and we started small talk. His name is Tony, from Texas, and like many others he came to Miami hoping to find a better life. He shared an unpleasant accident that happened earlier with another man and he was a bit shaken by the episode. But he was grateful for the food and the items he was able to collect.  And I said something like: The Lord provides in moments of need. I then asked him about his spiritual beliefs and he said he was somewhat spiritual. He had memories of going to church, but he didn’t really experience LOVE and he was told that he was not worthy.  He also said that he didn’t worship the Lord as he should have, but he focused solely on his career, money and neglected his family.  Sadly, he is now alone with no family, with addiction and tried several times to commit suicide. We talked about GOD’s unconditional love and Jesus dying on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. I told him that he was forgiven and that God wants him to be saved. I asked if he had a bible and he said yes, so I told him he needs to read it, and at that moment I suggested the book of Job and Psalms. I then prayed for him.  Afterwards, he confessed that he doesn’t normally let people approach him, that he is a very solitary person, and also that he was contemplating committing suicide that day jumping off the bridge (he pointed it out to me). He cried and said he had HOPE. He lives in Little Havana and I hope he will be a follower of Christ from now on.” – Alessandra

“While I was cleaning up, Ms. Beverly came to me and asked who was the person on the back of my shirt. I told her it was the founder of Heaven Sent ‘Charles’ who  passed away in November 2020. She immediately said that God used His angel and called him home so that he could watch over us and to see how proud he made Him by being obedient. Ms. Beverly said that God called on him to begin the work and sent out the call for His children to continue it from there. It was like goosebumps just came about on both of us because we were realizing how God continues to do His will and uses us. It was like God was giving us a pat on the back, the acknowledgement of showing us how proud He is of us.” – Fania

We are thankful for all who participate, donate, gather, and pray with us. We will continue these efforts again next month with outreach taking place on Saturday, December 23rd, 2023.

If you feel called to join our team or donate please fill out a contact form!

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