About Us

About Us

Heaven Sent Foundation (HSF) is a non- profit organization that was founded in August 2015 in Miami, Florida by Charles Mack.  This was a God given dream for our founder that was in pursuit of making HSF a grounded foundation in the heart of Miami.


Sadly our founder passed away on November 2, 2020. His legacy now continues thanks to his girlfriend Farah Carpel who has picked up the torch to continue the purpose that God has for HSF in Miami, Florida. HSF purpose is to combat the livelihood of the homeless by feeding them, providing necessities and ministering the love of Jesus Christ.


HSF also goes out and serves the needs in the Community of those who are dealing with abuse, addiction and those who are need of emotional support.

Our Mission

To help humanity feel hopeful, loved, inspired and empowered by serving them with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a building not only to shelter the homeless but to have them be rehabilitated there so that they can return back to society as a stronger individual. We would want to create jobs for them and have different organizations or ministries come together under one umbrella to help these individuals with any traumatic events they experienced in their lives.